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you can now go to toys r us and buy tiny action figures based off of popular minecraft let’s players, which also include accessories based off of the running gags from said minecraft let’s plays

they don’t use the words “minecraft” anywhere on the packaging and everything is off-model so i’m pretty sure they only got the rights from the let’s players and not mojang/microsoft

i think this is officially a sign that things have gone too far

To be honest the majority of people I know who watch Minecraft let’s plays are 11 and under and would probably love a toy of their favourite let’s player. And also they’re generally kind of socially awkward kids and lets plays and games lets them have something in their lives they enjoy and that makes them feel included. A safe space. I don’t understand tumblrs urgent need to tear down and abuse shit aimed at children, let alone its complete inability to understand what the target market of this stuff is. (Here’s a fucking hint its children)

listen i’m not making fun of kids for liking let’s plays i’m just saying it’s inherently ridiculous that people who post videos of them playing minecraft on youtube are now getting immortalized as mass produced action figures and plushies. that’s just a funny thing to think about. you can’t say it’s NOT weird

How is it weird for people with millions of fans to get “immortalized”? (I will make an aside here about how plastic may last a long time, but that doesn’t mean that things made of plastic last that long.)  When a doll gets made of a pop star, do you think it’s just as odd?  How about a toy of a sports figure or racecar driver?  Did you know that there were actual action figures made of hunting and fishing celebrities in the early 2000s? The would be some, but not all, of the Ertl Sportsman line, including someone named Babe Winkelman.  I’d never head of him until seeing the figure, but that doesn’t mean it’s ridiculous to his fans.

Is it just because these are “new media”?  They’re definitely not the first toys made for new media, or even meme-y, properties.  Like I said, millions of people like these things.

Or is it because ‘all they do is play Minecraft’?  Well, the ones my kid likes don’t just play Minecraft.  They also offer tips and tricks, show off mods, texture packs, maps, skins, minigames, servers, command block possibilities, version updates, and lots more, AND they’re all entertaining while they do it.


what it really comes to


if you think these are ridiculous

then you’re just not the target market.

Also, these people aren’t just ‘posting videos to youtube lol.’  This is literally their job.  They plan and make time, they schedule, they play when they don’t feel like it, they put up with -absolutely absurd- amounts of abuse.  They provide an entertainment service that millions of people enjoy because they’re good at it.  It’s no different than any other show you might watch on tv/youtube/netflix/whatever.  Since we ditched cable, the vast majority of our entertainment comes from youtubers and lets-players and we don’t miss cable at all.

You’re just being an asshole.

I wish these had been a little less inconspicuous when I was at TRU the other day, I definitely would have snagged one.

They’re actually not supposed to be available for two more days–some TRUs are just messing up and putting them out early.

AntVenom actually made a video about the TubeHeroes on his channel since he has his own little figure: (X)

They also have little plushies and on the TubeHeroes twitter, they retweeted some posts about their figures and also one of a kid holding the plushie they got with a smile.

Also like, the YouTubers who have currently been made into figures have expressed how awesome and cool it is.

Also, on their site, they have this listed: (X)

Characteristics of a Tube Hero

  • Conversations with followers full of spontaneity and ‘realness’
  • Not afraid to publicize their personality in the digitalverse
  • Outstanding digital achievements
  • Strong sense of community
  • Collaboration with other Tube Heroes

Which can basically mean anyone online, pretty much…? Because it’s of people in the digital world, the online world.

Like seriously, people are happy to have this. This is also great for kids and for anyone who looks up to online celebrities, like YouTubers, greatly in their life.

It’s no different than having something immortalized of an athlete or singer than it is to have one of a YouTuber.

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