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kirby’s tumblr: just a default theme with the background changed to pink, the title and description are just “KIRBY” bc that’s all he knows how to spell, all he reblogs are pictures of food and his friends

meta knight’s tumblr: dark colors, simple theme, lots of poetry. swords everywhere. also bats. text posts in spanish. keeps a journal of his days with very proper grammar. 2edgy

dedede’s tumblr: red and yellow theme with giant font, only types in ALL CAPS, reblogs pictures of food, pretty ladies, and memes. oh god, the memes are everywhere. he’s a fantastic shitposter. also sends weird anons to the other two

what about Bandana Waddle Dee

very clean, simple theme, lots of yellow and orange, reblogs pictures of flowers and cute animals and the like. so many encouragement posts about teamwork and determination. so many. he types with no punctuation (unless it’s a ton of exclamation points!!!!!) and a lot of typos (smol stubby arms) and never swears EVER. probably uses uwu emojis

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