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original powerpuff girls voice actresses learning about their replacements

Wow. Not cool there ladies. I’m hoping this is mostly out of context. These three women are established voice actors with strong careers and a plethora of parts under their belts (especially Tara Strong who is well known for roles like Harley Quinn). The show is being rebooted for a new audience and potentially with a different slant. These girls are up-and-coming new voice  actresses. These women aren’t lacking for work, and this probably isn’t going to be the same as “their” Powerpuff Girls. These folk should be encouraging new talents, not potentially riling up their fanbases against what will be the first major gigs for these young women over parts they had a decade ago. That’s kind of immature and petty.

Edit: Apparently, it gets worse. The most successful VA of the three actively lobbying to take potentially career-making parts away from the younger voice actresses. [link]


Edit Edit: Lauren Faust and Craig McCracken are getting in on the game (co-creators on the show when it started 17 years ago) via passive aggressive tweets and retweets about how the only true PPGs are the original three from a 1998-2005 series. [link | link | link | link]

These are grown, successful adults rallying their considerable fanbases against young up-and-coming actresses (including a WOC), calling for them to be fired and the show re-cast because they weren’t included on a reboot of a Cartoon Network property they helmed a decade ago. they’re using their power and fame to attempt to derail the careers of a new cast and crew, mostly that of the new VAs, since their names and faces are at the forefront of this mess.


Grow up and show a little professionalism and encouragement to the younger folk in your field.

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